Claire McCaskill agrees with Ocasio-Cortez on “many issues”

The Democrats’ Ocasio-Cortez Socialist movement has arrived in Missouri – and Senator McCaskill isn’t doing a thing about it. Josh spoke up about what this means for Missouri earlier this morning.

For context, Senator McCaskill was asked in a recent interview with NPR what she thought about Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win. In response, McCaskill said “I’m sure there’s many issues that I would agree with this woman about.” That’s alarming, considering she has extreme views across the board:

Missourians are left to wonder…

  • Exactly what issues does Senator McCaskill agree with Ocasio-Cortez on?
  • Why won’t McCaskill endorse her colleague and friend of 30 years, Rep. Lacy Clay, in his primary fight against an Ocasio-Cortez candidate in St. Louis?
  • Why is McCaskill staying silent on tough issues, like the Democratic Socialist movement or Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for Supreme Court?

Maybe McCaskill’s silence says it all.