Claire McCaskill’s not-so-great Friday

Hope you’re having a good Friday. Senator Claire McCaskill isn’t.

On KCUR 89.3FM Kansas City earlier today, Senator McCaskill responded to a number of criticisms about her time in the Senate, and she failed miserably.

In a single interview:
Senator McCaskill was asked to grade President Trump. She gave him an “incomplete,” failed to name a single thing he has done right, and then launched into criticism of his foreign policy decisions (reminder: President Trump won Missouri by almost 20 points).

Senator McCaskill got the facts wrong when asked to respond to Josh’s criticism that she has only sponsored and passed five bills into law during her 12 years in the Senate. That’s a 1.45% passage rate, but she clearly doesn’t want to talk about it.

Senator McCaskill struggled to explain why she deserved a third term. First saying, “I think that’s a good question…” and tried pivoting back to being a check on President Trump. See reminder above for why this is a terrible answer in Missouri.

Senator McCaskill claimed she “agreed with the president on a number of occasions,” but she left out her opposition to tax cuts, Neil Gorsuch, building a wall, Gina Haspel, etc. etc.

Best of all, Senator McCaskill responded to a question about being the number one recipient of money from lawyers and lobbyists in all of Congress: “…That’s just dumb.” We agree, Senator.

TAKEAWAY: It’s pretty clear Senator McCaskill has a hard time talking about the facts. With this dizzying interview, someone ought to remind the Senator to pace herself – it’s only June 1.