Claire’s California callers

I want to make sure you saw Senator Claire McCaskill’s “resistance” pals in California are hitting the phones again to help her campaign. After being dubbed the most unpopular Senator in America on a ballot for the second-consecutive month in a row, it seems the Missouri Democrats – who are directly working with the Californians – want to go outside the state for help. Sounds familiar…

In addition to their phone bank earlier this month, the group says they are hosting several more events for McCaskill – specifically to reward her for voting against tax cuts, against Neil Gorsuch, against Gina Haspel and against the Trump agenda.



  • Why does the Missouri Democratic Party need a California-based “resistance” group to make phone calls to mobilize Missouri voters? They are directly coordinating in these efforts…
  • Is California where McCaskill’s true liberal allies live? Are these her most agreeable supporters?
  • Is this further proof McCaskill works for California and the coastal elites who fund her campaign?