Congratulations, Claire!

BREAKING: New numbers are out from Morning Consult, and Claire McCaskill remains the most unpopular Senator up for re-election this fall. She is also the most vulnerable Democrat Senator in the country.

As a reminder, Senator McCaskill and her dark money allies have spent roughly $6 million on ads in Missouri this year, so they’re probably not thrilled to see these numbers:

  • McCaskill’s approval and disapproval remain unchanged over the last month. She was the most unpopular then, and remains so today.
    • Of the 10 most vulnerable Senators, she is tied for having the lowest approval number at 38%.
    • She’s tied with a different Senator for having the highest disapproval rating at 45%.
  • She is also the most vulnerable Democrat incumbent, with 52% saying it’s time for someone new.

Senator McCaskill couldn’t even justify a third term when asked – maybe her insistence on being a “check” on the President isn’t the answer Missourians are looking for…