Don’t be fooled

With 24 days until Election Day, Claire McCaskill is counting on Chuck Schumer and her liberal allies now more than ever to dump gobs of cash into Missouri to buy her re-election. Her popularity has plummeted this year, the polls don’t look great for a 12-year incumbent, and she’s spoken her mind when she really shouldn’t.

That’s why her event in Kansas City this morning is a total joke. Claire McCaskill feigns concern that “dark money” is ruining politics – but only when it’s being spent against her. She’s gladly allowed Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC and Majority Forward to spend nearly $20 million in Missouri to-date – and they’ve reserved millions more to come in the final three weeks.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself, just in the last 24 hours:

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “The most prolific outside spender in Missouri so far has been a political action committee and a separate dark money nonprofit affiliated with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer. They’re running ads attacking Hawley and praising McCaskill.”
  • Bloomberg Government: “Buying $20 million in advertising in one short month was enough to make a group backing Democratic candidates the new No. 1 among campaign bankrollers that keep their money sources secret. The Democratic-allied nonprofit Majority Forward has bought nearly $30 million worth of campaign ads this year, surpassing similar groups helping Republicans.”

“Missouri has been Chuck Schumer’s number one spending target, and with millions more dollars to come in the final days of the campaign, Senator McCaskill has benefited more than any other Senate Democrat this cycle. He’s pulling out all the stops to keep this seat because he desperately wants to keep Claire McCaskill’s vote in his back pocket.

“She could tell them to stop, but she doesn’t. Instead she makes a big show of attacking outside money while secretly encouraging them to run more false ads with signals straight from her campaign. She’s just another Washington liberal now and Chuck Schumer’s money is proof.” –Kelli Ford, spokesperson for the Hawley for Senate campaign