Join the Hawley Agriculture Coalition

Missouri is an agricultural state, a fact that rightfully brings us pride. Growing up in a farming family, I know firsthand the hard work it takes to run a farm. My grandfather was a significant influence in my life, and since we were kids, my sister and I were up early helping him in the soybean fields. It was far from easy work, but farming instilled in me the importance of hard work and perseverance, values that have stuck with me to this day.

It’s why I’m proud to have the endorsements of both the Missouri Dairy Association, the Missouri Cattleman’s Association, and The Missouri Farm Bureau. These groups are working tirelessly to protect farmers and their families, and I look forward to continuing supporting farmers with them in the Senate.

The crops that are grown in Missouri improve the lives of not only those in our state but all over the country. We need to make sure that success continues.

Now, though, the way of life for many Missouri farmers is being threatened by special interests and government bureaucracy. The subsidies that farmers rely on are shrinking, or often they don’t come at all. As your Senator, I will fight for fairer subsidies, because a single drought year should not cause farmers to worry about making ends meet. Because those who provide so much to us should never have to worry about providing for their own families.

As Attorney General, I have fought back against lousy regulation and government overreach. Now, my goal is to be the most pro-farming Senator in Washington. As I’ve said before, our farmers deserve a senator who will fight for them, who will support them and our way of life, not the big money special interests. And that’s precisely what I intend to do.