Hawley Calls on McCaskill to Debate Supreme Court Issues

June 28, 2018

Hawley Calls on McCaskill to Debate Supreme Court Issues

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Following the news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, Attorney General Josh Hawley on Thursday challenged Senator Claire McCaskill to a debate on the appropriate replacement for Justice Kennedy and the role of the Supreme Court in American life. General Hawley began his career working at the Supreme Court for the Chief Justice, and has litigated at the Court, including representing the State of Missouri in pending litigation.

General Hawley has challenged Senator McCaskill to participate in a debate that focuses on the issues the Court recently ruled on, future matters that may come before the body, and her explanation of why she has only supported liberal judges and opposed conservative ones:

“The Supreme Court is the defining issue of our time. The Court makes decisions on some of the most pivotal issues in society — from the right to bear arms, to religious liberty, to immigration — and it is incumbent upon a United States Senator to outline what judicial philosophy they want justices to hold.

“My top criteria for the next nominee includes enforcing the Constitution the way the people wrote it, not according to a judge’s personal preferences, and a willingness to stand up to political pressure.

“Senator McCaskill has been wrong on the last five Supreme Court nominees. Now she is ducking the question what type of judge the President should nominate. Senator McCaskill needs to stop hiding on this issue. Missourians deserve to hear where she stands on what type of judge she wants on the Supreme Court. Judging by her history, and her commitment to her party’s big money, she will support only an activist liberal. She should explain herself.”