Hawley Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Democrats’ Tactics on Kavanaugh Hearings

October 1, 2018

Hawley Calls on McCaskill to Investigate Democrats’ Tactics on Kavanaugh Hearings

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Attorney General Josh Hawley called Monday for a special counsel to investigate the conduct of Senator Dianne Feinstein, her staff, and all other relevant parties for violating the confidentiality of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and obstructing the work of the Senate Judiciary Committee. General Hawley called on Claire McCaskill to join him in pressing for a thorough investigation and issued the following statement:

“Senator McCaskill and her liberal pals in Washington were never going to give Judge Kavanaugh a fair shake. They devised a plan to obstruct President Trump’s pick before there was even a nomination. Their quest for power and control is why they’ve obstructed Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination every step of the way.

“Senate Democrats exploited Dr. Ford and smeared Judge Kavanaugh, all for political gain. The American people deserve to know how Dr. Ford’s confidentially was violated and what Senator Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues were doing behind the scenes for months. If Senator McCaskill is in search of the truth, she should join me in supporting an investigation of her Democrat allies.”