Hawley Campaign Launches New Web Ad on McCaskill’s Plane Problems

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Josh Hawley for Senate campaign released a new web ad today about Senator Claire McCaskill’s deceptive “RV tour” around Missouri.

“Claire McCaskill’s use of her private luxury plane on what she claimed was an ‘RV tour’ shows yet again how phony she really is. She doesn’t represent Missouri, she represents big liberal money. She told us in 2011 she wouldn’t step foot on the ‘damn plane’ ever again, but she just can’t help herself,” said Josh Hawley. “I don’t expect her to apologize for being obscenely rich, but she ought to apologize for misleading our state—not just these last two weeks, but for 12 long years.”

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Yesterday, President Trump tweeted about her plane problems and affirmed his support for Josh Hawley: