Hawley: Missouri Deserves to Know if McCaskill Will Repeal New Tax Cuts

April 16, 2018

Hawley: Missouri Deserves to Know if McCaskill Will Repeal New Tax Cuts

COLUMBIA, Mo. – With Tax Day approaching, Attorney General Josh Hawley is asking Senator Claire McCaskill if she will join her liberal colleagues in repealing the new tax law that is already starting to help Missouri families. McCaskill has refused to take a position on the future of the tax cuts going into effect this year.

“Partisan liberal Claire McCaskill refused to support the new tax cuts for working families, and now she’s refusing to say if she’ll join her friend Chuck Schumer to repeal them,” said Josh Hawley. “Senator McCaskill has voted more than 200 times for higher taxes, voted against the new tax law, and now she’s refusing to tell us what she’ll do if Democrats win back the Senate. As she continues to rake in millions from liberal elites who want to raise taxes on the middle-class, Missourians deserve to know if Senator McCaskill will repeal our new tax cuts.”

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  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: “We Want To Roll Back The Republicans’ Tax Giveaways…” “‘We want to roll back the Republicans’ tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy and invest that money instead in jobs and infrastructure,’ Schumer said.” (Daily Caller, 4/5/18)
  • DSCC Chairman Sen. Chris Van Hollen To Senate Democrats: Embrace Repeal. “Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen, who leads Senate Democrats’ 2018 campaign efforts, encouraged all of his party’s candidates, even the most vulnerable, to embrace their opposition to the tax law. ‘Our members will be talking to these issues,’ Van Hollen said. ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re a red state or a blue state, the idea of running up the debt by $1.5 trillion and cutting Medicare and Medicaid to pay for tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy is not popular.’” (Associated Press, 2/28/18)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: “We Have Got To Repeal All Of President Trump’s Tax Breaks.” “‘At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, we have got to repeal all of President Trump’s tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations and rebuild the disappearing middle class,’ [Bernie Sanders] added.” (Washington Examiner, 4/9/18)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Has Vowed To “Change” The Tax Cut Law. “‘The Republicans have just crammed through a tax bill to give $1.4 trillion in giveaways to billionaires and giant corporations, and they expect hardworking families across this country to pay for it,”’ Warren said, speaking to reporters in Roxbury. ‘I don’t think that a single working person in this country should pay more in taxes in order to give breaks to billionaires and giant multinational corporations, and if I had a chance I would change that,’ Warren said.” (Mass Live, 1/8/18)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Said Democrats Could Repeal And Replace The Tax Law. “Pelosi acknowledged Democrats will need to retake the House to have any chance of repealing and replacing the tax law. ‘It may have to be a ‘replace and repeal’ — replace them and repeal the bill,’ she said. But Pelosi also said that, to endure, any tax reforms should be bipartisan. And she left the door open for a low corporate tax rate.” (The Hill, 2/1/18)