On Kavanaugh obstruction, McCaskill can’t have it both ways

In case you missed it –

Democrats’ desperate rallying cries to oppose the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh are in full force on Capitol Hill, some even calling to stop the process altogether. Naturally, it’s being led by left-wing Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Take a look at these headlines…

Today, Senator McCaskill said, “While this is ultimately Mitch McConnell’s decision, we need consistency in how our Supreme Court nominees are handled — which we haven’t had. I favored moving forward with Judge Garland’s nomination process, I favored moving forward with Judge Gorsuch’s nomination process, and I feel the same way about Judge Kavanaugh.”

(A reminder she voted “no” on Justice Gorsuch.)

It leaves Missourians to wonder:

Is Senator McCaskill “centrist” enough to finally stand up to Chuck Schumer on the Kavanaugh obstruction?

Will McCaskill tell her party to stop these tactics and confirm Kavanaugh, or will she go along with them behind the scenes in hopes of appeasing everyone?

She can’t have it both ways.

Alternatively, she could debate Josh Hawley on this… to-date, he has accepted more than a dozen media debate invites. It’s still unclear if Senator McCaskill is up to the challenge.