McCaskill, Democrats Cling to Lies About Hawley’s Record on Public Corruption

March 8, 2018

Democrats continue to push claims months after independent fact check rates them “mostly false”

– Senator Claire McCaskill and her team are continuing to push false information about Attorney General Josh Hawley’s record on public corruption in a desperate attempt to fool Missouri voters. Their claims, which were rated “mostly false” by the Columbia Missourian in November, are still being pushed by McCaskill, the Missouri Democrats and their out-of-state allies.

“Claire McCaskill is pushing false information about Josh’s record as Attorney General in hopes of pulling the wool over voters’ eyes – and all of her liberal friends are in on it,” said Kelli Ford, spokeswoman for the Hawley for Senate campaign. “Their claims about his efforts on public corruption were rated ‘mostly false’months ago. Unfortunately, this shows what kind of campaign she’s running. She is in the worst position of her 36-year political career, and she will do anything – even lie – to tear Josh down.”


The Missourian: “The Bottom Line Is: Hawley Has Prioritized Prosecuting Public Corruption And Created A Team To Make It Happen.”
(Columbia Missourian)

Promise Made: Candidate Hawley Vowed To Create A Team To Go After Corruption

  • Running for Attorney General, Josh Hawley promised his office would “take a more aggressive role in aiding local and federal prosecutors investigating allegations of corruption.” (Kansas City Star)

Promise Kept: AG Hawley Created The First Public Corruption Team

  • “When he ran for office, Attorney General Hawley promised to take on public corruption in Missouri. And he has. AG Hawley formed the Office’s first Public Corruption Team to investigate and prosecute corruption in the state.” (MO Attorney General’s Website)

While AG Hawley Is Going After Corrupt Public Servants…

AG Hawley’s Public Corruption Team Has Already Prosecuted Four Public Officials For Corruption. “I promised to fight public corruption and that is what I am doing,” Hawley said. “There is no place for public officials who abuse their power—no matter how big or small the offense—in Missouri.”(MO Attorney General’s Website)…

Claire McCaskill’s Desperate Campaign Is Launching False Attacks:

Claire McCaskill’s Floundering Senate Campaign Has Inexplicably Attacked Hawley’s Creating Of The Public Corruption Team. “McCaskill’s campaign manager said Hawley ‘broke his promise to create a Public Corruption Unit to crack down on the pay-to-play culture of Jefferson City.’” (Columbia Missourian)

PolitiFact Rated The Democrat Attack On Hawley “Mostly False.” “The bottom line is Hawley has prioritized prosecuting public corruption and created a team to make it happen. Regardless of whether the group is a team or unit, Hawley’s office still has a working group of lawyers who have already prosecuted four officials for public corruption.” (Columbia Missourian)