McCaskill Goes Full #Resistance On Trump SCOTUS Nominee

In a new report from POLITICO, Senator McCaskill admits she “is likely to oppose President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee for being too conservative.”

What’s even worse…POLITICO reported that Senator McCaskill “will treat the next nominee as she treated Gorsuch.”

In Senator McCaskill’s own words, that means she is going to “take a scalp” against President Trump’s new nominee.

At the time of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, Senator McCaskill said “There is a desire in the base of our party to take a scalp for Merrick Garland…I completely get it. So I am very comfortable voting against him.”

The bottom line is that Senator McCaskill is going full #Resistance in her opposition against President Trump on SCOTUS.

This is the latest example of her being too partisan and too liberal for Missouri.