Hawley on McCaskill’s Support for Feinstein Legislation: Gives Illegal Immigrants A Free Pass

June 19, 2018

Hawley on McCaskill’s Support for Feinstein Legislation: Gives Illegal Immigrants A Free Pass

COLUMBIA, Mo. – On the “Marc Cox Morning Show” earlier today, Attorney General Josh Hawley blasted Senator Claire McCaskill for supporting Senator Dianne Feinstein’s legislation that would give illegal immigrants a free pass into the country if they bring a child with them.

Transcript Below:

Cox: Let’s talk for a moment, Mr. Attorney General, about your position on what’s going on at the southern border. The President’s been drawing a lot of fire over what he says is simply him applying the law in this case. What’s your take on it?

Hawley: Well first of all, our border needs to be secure. It’s just absolutely non-negotiable. We are sovereign country. We have people pouring across the southern border, drugs pouring across the southern border, gangs pouring across the southern border. We need to secure the border. The fact that Claire McCaskill will not vote to secure the border – will not support funding to secure the border, to build a wall, to enforce our laws – is absolutely inexcusable. And she should answer for that.

When it comes to what’s going on with the families and the children, of course nobody wants to see families separated from their children. The President has said that himself. Congress should fix that. Once again, Claire McCaskill has no excuse.

She is currently supporting legislation, Marc, that will essentially allow any illegal immigrant who brings a child with him to escape into the interior of the country – no questions asked. I mean, it is an absolutely unbelievable position, when what Congress needs to do is pass sensible legislation that allows the administration to enforce our laws, to keep children and families together – there at the border, not release them into the country – this can be sensibly done. Congress should have done it a long time ago. And the fact that McCaskill is for basically giving illegal immigrants a free pass and allowing them to use children as a human shield is unbelievable to me.

Cox: Well the Democrats are using their nine votes in the Senate to keep that from happening. There’s no way that passes the Senate, right?

Hawley: Oh, you’re exactly right. As usual, it’s total partisan politics here. They don’t want solutions that would allow families to stay together, just like they don’t want a solution that would actually secure the border. They like this issue, number one. They are concerned about illegal immigrants, they like illegal immigrants. This is what they’re all focused on. While Missouri families are trying to pay for their healthcare costs – they can barely afford their insurance – while they’re trying to get better wages, so that they can pay for their kids’ education. What’s Claire McCaskill focused on? Helping illegal immigrants. It just baffles me, and there is no excuse for it.

They need to act immediately, allow this administration to enforce the law, keep families together – this is not a difficult fix, Congress could do it in a heartbeat if they wanted to – and they need to get on with it and start securing the border.