McCaskill Thinks She Deserves A Third Term… So She Can Be a Check on President Trump?

In case you missed it, Senator Claire McCaskill had a pretty rough interview on Kansas City’s KCUR 89.3FM last Friday. Some of her most bizarre responses were about President Trump and why she thinks two terms is not enough. Reminder: President Trump won Missouri by nearly 20 points…



  • Claire McCaskill has voted with Chuck Schumer almost 90% of the time during her time in the Senate.
  • McCaskill has a party unity score of 82% this cycle, making her one of the most partisan of the vulnerable Senate Democrats on a ballot in 2018.
  • Despite the President’s strong victory in Missouri, McCaskill believes it is her duty to be a check on his agenda. At the end of the day, she always comes home to her party.
  • Subsequently, McCaskill has been named the most unpopular Senator in America on a ballot this year, looking at both low job approval and lack of support for re-election.

Claire McCaskill has hedged a bet on this race. She’s focused on raking-in cash from around the country by opposing President Trump, an unpopular decision in an increasingly red Missouri.