McCaskill’s Worst Week

The nation’s most vulnerable Democrat Senator just had her worst week of the campaign.

The news of a Supreme Court vacancy has rattled the McCaskill campaign.

I know what you are thinking, and yes, this is even worse than the news about her family’s investments in the Caymans and her fake RV tour.

A year ago, Senator McCaskill foreshadowed her own nightmare scenario when she said “God forbid…Kennedy retires.

When it became reality earlier this week, she refused to say anything other than she will wait for the nominee to be named before discussing it. She didn’t even do her normal lines about being “open to [insert conservative position here].”

Yesterday things got worse. Josh challenged the Senator to a debate on the Supreme Court and she didn’t even respond to a reporter’s question about it.

Today it was all down hill. According to The Hill, “McCaskill repeatedly declined to comment” on the vacancy and simply said “I’ve got nothing for you.” The Washington Examiner said, “Sen. Claire McCaskill doesn’t want to talk.

Unfortunately for her, this issue isn’t going away. Ducking and hiding will not help. Missourians care a lot about who is on the Supreme Court and they deserve a Senator who will outline what type of judge should be nominated.