Missouri Dairy Association Endorses Josh Hawley for Senate

June 27, 2018

Missouri Dairy Association Endorses Josh Hawley for Senate

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The Missouri Dairy Association (MDA) has voted to endorse Attorney General Josh Hawley in both the primary and the general election for U.S. Senate.

MDA President Ted Sheppard, a dairy farmer from Cabool, Mo., released the following statement:

“The Missouri Dairy Association is proud to endorse Attorney General Josh Hawley for U.S. Senate. With a proven record of supporting Missouri producers and families, Josh will fight for the dairy industry.

“A major employer in the state, Missouri dairy production, processing and distribution of dairy products creates over 21,000 jobs and adds $2 billion to the state’s gross domestic product every year. Folks in Washington have sided with federal agencies and legislators who do not appreciate agriculture’s contribution to the U.S. economy, and therefore worked to adopt additional regulations that increase producers’ costs of production.

“Attorney General Josh Hawley has pledged to put a stop to that. He’s a fighter — the kind we need to take on the corruption and greed of big government.”

Upon receiving the MDA’s endorsement, Attorney General Hawley announced:

“I am honored to receive the support of the Missouri Dairy Association, a phenomenal organization that represents hundreds of dairy producers and workers from all corners of the state. Washington elites have turned their backs on our dairy farmers — an industry that feeds the world and encapsulates our heartland way of life. We need a leader who will listen to their concerns and fight for them in the Senate.”