Really? McCaskill Claims Kavanaugh Fight Won’t Matter in Missouri Come Election Day…

Senator McCaskill is again trying to save face for her liberal party line votes. This time, she claims the recent Supreme Court confirmation circus “should be out of voters’ minds before Election Day.”

You read that right. While the Washington Missourian correctly categorizes this as “the most bitter and polarizing U.S. Supreme Court confirmation processes in history,” Senator McCaskill thinks it won’t hurt Democrats, and that “Republicans will view the confirmation as a win and move on.”

She went on to explain, “I hope Missourians will notice I stayed out of it.”

The reality is that Senator McCaskill refused to stand up to Chuck Schumer and her party’s tactics, then she voted against Justice Kavanaugh, and now she says it won’t matter in 15 days?

For the record: Claire McCaskill was wrong on the last 6 of 6 Supreme Court nominees, she votes with Chuck Schumer almost 90% of the time, and she supported 100% of President Obama’s judicial nominees.

That’s not the kind of party-line record Missourians will be forgetting anytime soon.