“That’s just dumb.”

As you know, Senator Claire McCaskill had a pretty bad radio interview on Friday. Among her gaffes, she was asked about the fact she is the top-taker of money from lawyers and lobbyists in all of Congress.

Her response: “That’s just dumb.

Yes, Senator. That is dumb, and most Missourians would probably agree.

Claire McCaskill has made it clear: she works for lawyers and lobbyists, the D.C. elite, and liberal donors – but not Missouri. You can see it in the 2,700+ times she has voted with Chuck Schumer throughout her time in the Senate. And instead of adjusting her votes under the Trump administration, Senator McCaskill doubled down. In fact, her 2017 Democrat party unity score is one of the highest among the most vulnerable Democrats this cycle.

Senator McCaskill is more focused on being a check on the President than representing her own state (which elected him by nearly 20 points). Now the lawyers and lobbyists are rewarding her for it. To be #1 is quite the feat.


Senator McCaskill is the NUMBER ONE congressional recipient of money from lawyers and lobbyists – number one among both the Senate and the House. In the 2017-2018 cycle, McCaskill has already brought in more than $2.5 million. (Open Secrets, Accessed 6/5/18)