Washington Times: McCaskill Blasted in New Web Ad on Obama Fundraiser

March 28, 2018

Washington Times: McCaskill Blasted in New Web Ad on Obama Fundraiser

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Sen. Claire McCaskill under fire for Beverly Hills fundraiser with Obama

The Washington Times
S.A. Miller
March 28, 2018

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is getting hammered in a new web ad for holding a campaign fundraiser with former President Barack Obama in Beverly Hills.

In the ad, her likely Republican rival, Attorney General Josh Hawley, labeled her a “hypocrite” for claiming she’s not part of the Democratic Party establishment and then flying to Beverly Hills to benefit from the first fundraiser hosted by Mr. Obama this election cycle.

The ad went up within hours of news that Mrs. McCaskill, Missouri Democrat, was teaming up with Mr. Obama.

The video includes clips of Mrs. McCaskill proclaiming: “I fought the establishment almost every step of the way in my career,” and “I could care less what the national party thinks.”

The remarks are interspersed with footage of the iconic Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park and the town’s palm tree-lined Canon Drive.

Text on the screen reminds Missouri voters that “McCaskill is the top recipient from lobbyists and lawyers in all of Congress.”

The ad concludes with on-screen text: “Fighting … all the way to Beverly Hills. Hypocrite Claire McCaskill.”

Mr. Hawley was hitting his rival for the fundraiser throughout the day.

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