Whose side is she on?

It’s been a dramatic day on the hill, thanks to Senate Judiciary Democrats.

2020 hopeful Cory Booker’s big moment fell flat this afternoon once word got out that the “confidential” documents he released, despite the threat of possible expulsion from the Senate, were already cleared this morning… Nothing like some fake outrage for your Thursday.

As if Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s organized, obstructionist tactics earlier this week weren’t embarrassing enough, the Democrats have shown they are willing to do anything, even break Senate rules, to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings… All the while knowing they plan to vote “no.”

Senator McCaskill, on the other hand, hasn’t said what she plans to do on this vote. She’s carefully waiting for the hearings to wrap before she makes a decision. But in the meantime Missourians are wondering, does Claire McCaskill support her party’s obstructionist tactics?

Senators Booker and Kamala Harris have campaigned and fundraised for McCaskill.

Chuck Schumer is spending millions on her behalf.

These are her allies and friends. It’s simple: does she stand with them?