Will McCaskill Stand Up to Schumer?

After waiting until Chuck Schumer gave permission, Senator Claire McCaskill is finally meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh today. It’s been about six weeks since Judge Kavanaugh was nominated and she should have had time by now to read his opinions and know whether or not she will support him. But in typical McCaskill fashion, she is trying to placate both her coastal elite donors and Missouri voters.

So what will she do in the end?

If history is any indication, she will side with Chuck Schumer and her party. After voting for 100 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees and being wrong on every single one of the last 5 #SCOTUS nominees, Senator McCaskill may let the people of Missouri down once again.

However, she recently said she was freed up to “do the right thing” on this vote. That’s why she should stand up to Chuck Schumer and her party, and vote for Judge Kavanaugh.