Join the Hawley Sportsmen Coalition

I learned from a young age how to use and respect a firearm when, as a kid, I would go hunting with my dad and grandfather. Now, when I’m away from home, I want to know that my family is safe and that they are able to defend themselves. Learning the proper way to handle a gun has made many in my community feel safer than any overly restrictive law ever could.

Unfortunately, so many on the left see more restrictions as the solution to any problem in our country, and that’s a tactic we’ve seen them use to the extreme when it comes to our Second Amendment. Liberal Senators are working tirelessly to force their opinions on everyday Americans, some going so far as to say there should be no right to bear arms at all.

We, however, know to have a bit more faith in our founding fathers than we do in liberal Washington politicians.

You don’t take away guns from sportsmen, and you don’t take away guns from those who want it for protection. Once you start taking guns away from law-abiding citizen’s where does it stop? It’s a slippery slope we cannot allow to begin.

That’s why much of my professional life has been spent defending our right to bear arms. I am proud to have an A+ rating from the NRA, and I am no stranger to fighting Washington overreach. As your Senator, I will continue to stand up to those on the left who want to restrict our rights to hunt, shoot, and defend our families.