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West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin met with Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Why won’t Claire McCaskill? According to a new Politico report, Democrats are taking their cues from their liberal party leader, Chuck Schumer. “‘All Chuck ever says in caucus [meetings], it’s

I'm honored to receive the Missouri Pork Association's support. I will always support policies that bolster the pork industry, a key driver of our state economy. Missouri is ready to send a new Senator to Washington – one who will speak up for pork farmers and farming families across this state.

I am humbled to receive the endorsement of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association. They represent thousands of hardworking cattlemen across the state, and I am proud to be a voice for them in this race for U.S. Senate. For too long, Washington politicians like Claire McCaskill have ignored farming interests, and it is truly shameful. With new leadership, Missouri will do right by our farming families, including our cattlemen.