Monthly Archives: June 2018

Sen. McCaskill just had her worst week of the campaign, even worse than the news about her family’s investments in the Caymans and her fake RV tour.

Senator Claire McCaskill’s been awfully silent on the liberal push to harass and intimidate conservatives over illegal immigration. Earlier today, Attorney General Josh Hawley tweeted at McCaskill to get her to denounce Rep. Maxine Waters' recent rant – but we have yet to hear what she thinks about it. In this case, does her silence mean she agrees with the California Congresswoman?

Claire McCaskill looks to one of the most extreme, pro-illegal immigration advocates in the Senate, and the fact that she stands by getting rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is beyond reckless. This is a stark reminder of just how out of touch Claire McCaskill is with our state. She ought to be prioritizing Missourians’ safety and upholding the laws in our country – not giving a free pass to illegal immigrants.

Claire McCaskill and Kamala Harris agree on most issues in the Senate, so will the two be seen together in Missouri? Whether they’re enabling illegal immigration, opposing middle-class tax cuts or blocking conservative judges, these two are aligned on some of the worst policies for Missouri.

After being dubbed the most unpopular Senator in America on a ballot for the second-consecutive month in a row, it seems the Missouri Democrats – who are directly working with the Californians – want to go outside the state for help.